Our business is anchored in high-quality product photography and yours should be too. We solely focused here for several years as this tends to be the 1st and most important photography to a company.  


Our storage closet is BIG. We want our clients to send us their products and know that everything will be done quickly and easily. We store set materials in studio to be a seamless part of our clients process. 


The beautiful place hidden between stills and video production. When building a brand, product photos are 1st priority, lifestyle 2nd and video production 3rd. A few clients wanted to go further so we adopted 360 spin photography and it has been a home run! Customers can interactively see every angle of a product and have fun doing it. It is easier to implement then most think and it gives a clear edge on the competition.




We are visual creatures and could not resist the call to make images move. What started out as passion projects turned into powerful story-telling that helps our clients connect to their customer. We now have a full RED EPIC-W setup in studio and create the highest quality content to elevate our clients look and feel.


Simon Sinek taught us to 'start with why.' When qualifying a photo or video shoot (that has more to it then just a seamless white background) we ask about who we are talking to in order to better understand how to approach the shoot.  That occasionally leads us to conversations about markets, buyer personas, pain points, motivators, etc. It is not uncommon for a marketing director or business owner to have been asked a question that he or she still needs to put some thought and research into.  

We decided it would be best to offer strategy meetings in order to dive deep into these subjects. This is the foundation of every company and is crucial when creating marketing assets. It is an exciting time because these strategy sessions typically yield a strong action plan, they set the stage for great photography shoots and they unify all the components of your marketing.   

Aiden Franklin is the owner of Image Alive and is the one who leads these strategy sessions.  He now has experience with hundreds of businesses across a multitude of industries and is passionate about seeing his clients succeed.   



* now offering monthly retainers for select brands. Contact us to talk through what this could like for your business.