Asking how much photography costs is like asking "how much is a bag of groceries?". E-commerce work on white is standard enough that a general guide is listed below. For all other projects, please contact us to talk about your next project!

White Background Photography

Setup is $350 and then priced per image.

Product, lifestyle, eCommerce, commercial, advertising,  photogr

1-10 images = $89.00 per photo

11-20 images = $75.00 per photo

21-40 images = $59.00 per photo

41-100 images = $45.00 per photo

101-200 images = $39.00 per photo

201-300 images = $34.00 per photo

301+ images = $30.00 per photo


Basic cleaning and prep work.

Editing and retouching minor flaws.

Pure white background with or without natural shadows.

Cropped and sized for your site.


360 Spin Photography Studio

360 Spin Photography

Setup is $500 and then priced per spin.

1-2 spins = $448.00 per spin sequence

3-5 spins = $298.00 per spin sequence

6-10 spins = $198.00 per spin sequence

11-20 spins = $168.00 per spin sequence

21-50 spins = $138.00 per spin sequence

51-100 spins = $128.00 per spin sequence

101-200 spins = $118.00 per spin sequence

201+ spins = $98.00 per spin sequence


  • Minor cleaning and prep work.
  • Pure white background with or without natural shadows
  • Cropped and sized for your site




* This is for estimate purposes only and is not an official quote. Some products require extra attention and are priced per project.

* Images for any project are typically delivered within 1 week of the last shoot date. 

* Asking for revisions or advanced editing after the shoot (on any project) will be billed at $150/hour and treated as a new shoot. That means it will need to be scheduled on the calendar and you will have a 2nd invoice. Scheduling and availability varies between 1 and 12 weeks.