Thank you for reaching out to Image Alive! This proposal is designed to let us come together and make sure we are on the same page. Please email aiden@imagealivestudios.com if you have any questions. Thank you for considering us!



SETUP - $350

Seamless white lighting and set. 



Please view imagealivestudios.com/pricing for more information. 


EXPENSES - $1200




A lot of photographers and agencies charge a fee to put these images out into the world. We do not do that for eCommerce product photography. 


Additional expenses and/or requests from the client will increase the proposed amount even after it is signed. We are very sensitive to working inside or under your budget so we will be sure to be as transparent as possible throughout the process.


Don't take our word for it! We have grown our business on making people happy and successful with their digital assets. Check out our Google reviews to read all about it. 



After the proposal is accepted and a deposit is collected, the shoot dates will be locked in.  The scope of the work will determine how quickly we can block out the necessary time for you. We average a 2 week notice to schedule a one day shoot but have had a few seasons where we have been booked solid for 3 months out.

We will deliver the images within two weeks of the last shoot date. 

If you would like to request revisions or edits to the images we provide you, the request will be treated like a new shoot.  We will schedule the appropriate time, bill them at $150 per hour and provide another invoice for just the revisions. 

Please ask us for a quote if you as for revisions if budget is a concern. Otherwise we will add them to a 2nd invoice without providing a 2nd quote.



Photographs are the intellectual property of the creator. Much like software or a book, you purchase the use but the creator still owns the material. Therefore, Image Alive Studios owns the rights to the photographs under the Texas State Law and grant our clients the rights to use the images.

The client is granted an unlimited year license to use the imagery represented on this proposal as follows: 


Website (ex: client's website)

√ Client Sales Outlets (ex: Amazon or Sears)

√ Advertising (ex: PPC)

√ Social Media 

√ Promotional Sites (ex: blog or review)  

√ Vendor's Web Use (ex: a wholesaler selling your products on their site)


√ Collateral (ex: catalogues and brochures)

√ Direct Mail (ex: promotional flyers)

√ Newspaper

√ Trade Shows

x Packaging (fee is determined by Total Media Buy)

x Magazine Ads (ex: paid spots - fee is determined by Total Media Buy)

x Out of Home (ex: billboard and bus sides - fee is determined by Total Media Buy)

The images are not for resale. The copyright to the images can be transferred for a fee. If you wish to profit off the imagery, this could be a good option for you. If you are interested in buying the copyright which transfers the ownership of the images over to you, ask us for an estimate on that.


Standard retouching is included with every shoot. It includes isolation (if shot on seamless white sweep), minor blemish healing and color correction on the photographer's selects.

Advanced post production such as further look and feel options, advanced Photoshop such as cloning, perspective warping, compositing, fixing manufacturing defects are billed at 150/hour.

*Please note that asking for additional requests beyond the standard retouching will be added to the final invoice even after the proposal is signed and without a 2nd quote.



Projects between 3k-20k will be broken two payments.  50% of the invoice is due upon accepting the proposal and the remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the project. Projects over 20k will be broken into phases determined by the project.

The deposit purchases, props, hires staff and blocks out the time in the studio. Therefore, if the client needs to cancel for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable.

If the client wishes to cancel for any reason after the production has started, the client agrees to pay the full amount signed in this proposal.



The files will either be shared via Dropbox or uploaded straight to your server once the remaining balance of the invoice is paid in full.

This will be within 2 weeks of your last shoot or editing date if you have requested revisions.



The fee for Packaging, Magazine Advertisements and Out of Home (OOH) usage are determined by a percentage of the total money spent on the project or campaign. The fee scale is: 

15% = 1 - 1,000

10% = 1,001 - 5,000

5% = 5,001 - 50,000

2% = 50,001 - 250,000

1% = 250,001+



It is common for sensitive information to be exchanged throughout the process. By signing this agreement, Image Alive Studios agree to keep your information private until it is made public you. By signing this agreement, you agree to do the same for Image Alive Studios.



We value your business and our relationship very much. It is our goal to have long lasting, sustainable relationships. The way we do that is by offering high quality services at affordable prices and we always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are ecstatic about the images.

Thank you for considering us! 


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