w e l c O M E

This is meant to be a brief guide on our expertise with Golf-themed asset creation over the years. Included are some examples of previous work and some informational bits about shooting and spinning the clubs.


s A M P L E P H O T O G R A P H Y



We capture clubs at 360 degrees, allowing for a consumer to get a full view of the product before conversion. Each asset we deliver to the client is a 36 image sequence which we then turn into a .gif or click-and-drag asset through magical plugins and CSS code.



Booked AS A ONE-TIME SHOOT - $4400

  • SEAMLESS ($2400)

Photographing clubs in the studio is more intensive than most subjects, because we have to reflect white or a light neutral into the metal finish of every face of the club. I bet for every one shoot day, we will have 2 more in post production.

  • SPIN ($2000)

To spend a day spinning, we start at $2000 plus $120 per spin thereafter.

booked UNDER THE RETAINER - $3500

(Minimum 3 month commitment)

This will take Nick 3 days and me (Aiden) 3 days. That is similar to our $3500 plan where we average 1 week a month on a client. If you decided to sign up for our family plan, this would save you around $1000 per month.

Please view imagealivestudios.com/pricing to gauge these numbers in more detail.

t i m i n g





By filling out this form and clicking the “submit” button, you agree to the pricing and scope laid out on this proposal. After the edited images are returned, you also agree to pay the invoice in full regardless of the outcome or opinions of the staff at Tandy.

We are where we are because of our ability to knock shoots out of the park. Our success is through long-term relationships so we promise to do our best to meet or exceed the expectations of Tandy Leather.